Close but no Cigar


impotent Constructions (indexing a disruption)


Impotent Screen, 2019

Screen print on dyed semi-transparent utility fabric, suspended with zip ties from a shoulder-height wooden armature. 2.5”w x 5.5”h x 3’d

Impotent Screen


Close but no Cigar, 2019

On the floor: Folded and dyed duck canvas on top of grey carpet filler with boot tread. On the wall: stretched heat-pressed image of grass growing out of concrete on ripstop fabric. 4’w x 3’h x 8’d

Temporal Walls; an exercise in brickness, 2020

Cast plaster architectural form aligned with wax cast bricks

Temporal Walls; an exercise in brickness, 2020

Detail no. 1

Indexing a disruption (Fence), 2019

Screen print on muslin, ripped in two pieces. One suspended from wooden fixtures, the other folded and placed in a document box alongside a small zine of reference images. 1.5’w x 4’h

Indexing a disruption (Fence)


Indexing a disruption (Wall), 2019

Left:  screen print on muslin and document box places upon dyed utility fabric with graphite rubbing of brick wall. Right: Screen print of hand painted bricks and image on dyed duck canvas suspended from zip ties and dowel rod. 9’ h x 6’ w x 4’d

Indexing a disruption (Wall), 2019

Screen print on the back of suspended dyed duck canvas and appliquéd dyed orange muslin. 

Indexing a disruption (Wall), 2019

Screen print on muslin and dyed fabric and zine inside an open document box on top of a folded charcoal rubbing on dyed and grommeted utility fabric.

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